Srpen 2008

Happy birthday, Jeff!

22. srpna 2008 v 21:42 | Ritalin.kaSP |  News
Today is Jeff older by one year!
I wish him happy 30th birthday, lot of health, luck, success and many of beautiful days with his little daughters :)

Take my hand & Your Love Is A Lie - live in New Orleans

18. srpna 2008 v 10:50 | Ritalin.kaSP |  Shows found two great videos from New Orleans. The guys played:

sorry people.

11. srpna 2008 v 9:56 | Ritalin.kaSP |  MOTH blogs
Current mood: ninja
i'm watching the olympics on tv, and i just realised that we are still all waiting on the podcasts from weeks ago to come out before we do a new show.
well, sorry, we are still clearing some songs. some of the bands are giving us a hard time and not replying it seems.
as soon as possible i tell you, they will be up


Funny video from Tokyo

10. srpna 2008 v 18:41 | Ritalin.kaSP |  Other Videos
source: ivy-sp
A couple of days ago the guys made this video. It's from Japan, they played a funny game: