MMVA08: Simple plan Win Favourite Canadian Group

16. června 2008 v 14:35 | Ritalin.kaSP |  SP news
The guys has won!!!!
The unstoppable group that is Simple Plan has just once again won the award for People's Choice: Favourite Canadian Group!
Quick and to-the-point, the boys ran onto stage, didn't slip, and thanked their fans.
Now cut to them partying it up backstage :)
[Editor's Note: We caught up with the guys and they had this message for us to pass along to their fans!]
WOW! Just wanted to thank everyone for voting for us in the People's Choice Favourite Group category!! We are very fortunate to have the best fans in the world. Every single time we have been nominated, we have won the award. And that is all because of you! So thanks to all of you and hope you enjoyed the show tonight!
- Simple Plan

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