Červen 2008

MMVA - videos

21. června 2008 v 14:51 | Ritalin.kaSP |  Videos
Interview with David:

They guys tried to get Girlicious! :)


19. června 2008 v 13:58 | Ritalin.kaSP |  SP news
Maybe you took a note of enter site of SP.com. They Guys thank us for voting on MMVAs:

Photos from MMVAs & update in Downloads

19. června 2008 v 13:53 | Ritalin.kaSP |  This Site
Soooo...i'm finally back :) Let's see what's new:
I added some photos from MMVAs to my gallery. You can see it here:
credit: muchmusic.com & simpleplan.cz
Now, something about this site.
I made some avatars a one wallpaper:
Hope you like it :)

Videos from Much Music Video Awards 2008

16. června 2008 v 22:13 | Ritalin.kaSP |  Shows
Here are two videos from sunday's MMVAs - the first one is performing of When I'm Gone and in second video you can see the prizegiving :)

MMVA08: Simple plan Win Favourite Canadian Group

16. června 2008 v 14:35 | Ritalin.kaSP |  SP news
The guys has won!!!!
The unstoppable group that is Simple Plan has just once again won the award for People's Choice: Favourite Canadian Group!
Quick and to-the-point, the boys ran onto stage, didn't slip, and thanked their fans.
Now cut to them partying it up backstage :)
[Editor's Note: We caught up with the guys and they had this message for us to pass along to their fans!]
WOW! Just wanted to thank everyone for voting for us in the People's Choice Favourite Group category!! We are very fortunate to have the best fans in the world. Every single time we have been nominated, we have won the award. And that is all because of you! So thanks to all of you and hope you enjoyed the show tonight!
- Simple Plan

A couple of hours to the MMVAS...

15. června 2008 v 21:47 | Ritalin.kaSP |  Official Sites

New photos from shows

15. června 2008 v 21:29 | Ritalin.kaSP |  This Site
I added some new pictures to the gallery - photos from Vienna (9th june) and from Download festival (UK - 13th june), where Jeff was compansated by Jean-Sébastien Chouinard.
Download festival:

Rocksoundfestival: Take My Hand & The End

12. června 2008 v 17:34 | Ritalin.kaSP |  Shows


11. června 2008 v 14:57 | Ritalin.kaSP |  This Site
I have a news for you!
I had a couple day off so i changed some things on this site. Gallery, downloads and fan fiction are separated now. Besides the fact that i still add photos to gallery it's all done.
Click these icons to see the changes:
Gallery: _ . _ Downloads: _ . _ Fan fiction:
_ _

Caribana photos

9. června 2008 v 21:40 | Ritalin.kaSP |  from shows
Credit: Ivynka

Rock Am Ring festival - 2008

9. června 2008 v 21:38 | Ritalin.kaSP |  Shows
As you already know, the guys were in Rock Am Ring festival. And here are three videos:


Take My Hand, Shut Up and Jump:

Welcome To My Life:

Caribana festival

9. června 2008 v 20:14 | Ritalin.kaSP |  Shows
Take My Hand:

Shut Up:

YLIAL by Tiffany JoAllen

9. června 2008 v 20:09 | Ritalin.kaSP |  Interests
Cover version of Your Love Is A Lie...so what do you think of it?

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

9. června 2008 v 18:17 | Ritalin.kaSP |  Official Sites
Current mood: full
Category: Friends
Thank you all for writing me messages or posting comments. I really appreciate it. I had a really good birthday, and it's sort of still going on. I have a poker game planned for tonight after the show. Europe festivals are going good. I got to see Jimmy Eat World yesterday wich is always a good thing. I really like them.
Just wanted to say thanks, hope to see you all soon!


How to tell time, Japan style

6. června 2008 v 13:09 | Ritalin.kaSP |  Official Sites
A couple people were asking about the watch that Pierre was wearing at the MTV Awards Japan, so we're happy to introduce you guys to a new way of telling time. Our friends at TokyoFlash design limited edition watches where every model has a different way of telling time. Very original and very cool. Here's Pierre's flashy watch and check out their website for more cool models.

Celebrating Sebastien's birthday in Geneva

6. června 2008 v 12:25 | Ritalin.kaSP |  Official Sites
The guys had a day off yesterday. They woke up very early so a couple of them rented bikes, randomly found an open-to-the public wine tasting, fed ducks and rode bikes all through Geneva.
Here are three photos:
...and a video:

Seb's 27th birthday

5. června 2008 v 15:46 | Ritalin.kaSP |  Sebastien
Sebastien celebrates his 27th birthday today!!!
So i wish him a lot of health, luck, success and a big party! ;)

When I'm Gone live

4. června 2008 v 22:12 | Ritalin.kaSP |  Shows

SP in Dieu Merci!

4. června 2008 v 22:02 | Ritalin.kaSP |  Videos
The guys are really cute here =oD

Performing "When I'm Gone":