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26. března 2008 v 13:23 |  Guys
1- Name: Sebastien Lefebvre aka Seb
2- Instrument: Guitar and back vocals
3- Date of birth: June 5th, 1981
4- Fav. color: blue
5- Fav bands: Green Day, Bad Astronaut, Linkin Park, Copeland, Zebrahead, Story Of The Year...
6- Fav. food: Tuna sandwich, Fajitas
7- Fav. movie: American Beauty, Braveheart
8- Fav. TV show: Family Guy, The Simpsons
9- Fav. boyband: 2Gether
10- Fav. video game: The Final Fantasy series
11- Fav. book: The Harry Potter series
12- Fav. concert: Warped Tour 1996
13- Fav. magazine: any comic book
14- Fav. actor / actress: Kevin Spacey / the old lady in The Wedding Singer and Road Trip...
15- Utlimate place to live: Disney World
16- Guilty pleasure: Making fun of people... in a nice way
17- Previous day job: Janitor at my High-School
18- Boxers or briefs: boxers
19- Fav. superhero: Spiderman
20- Pets: none.
21- What gear do you use: Guitars: Framus renegade and panthera model, Amps: Framus Dragon Amp, Strings: Daddario XL-140s light top, heavy bottom, Pickups:Seymour Duncan, Cables: Planet Waves cables.

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