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A band Reset was formed in 1993 and it was an idea of Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau. The original name was Stone Garden. But when they found out in 1995, that there already exists a band with the same name, which is much famous, they re-named to Roach.

After a little break, the band decided to unite. They've decided, that their previous name didn't suit them, so they started looking for a new name. Finally, they chose the name Reset, because they did a reset.

The first members of Reset were Pierre Bouvier (vocals), Phil Jolicoeur (quitar/vocals), Charles Comeau (drumms) a Jean-Sebastien Boileau (bass). They've recorded an album, that included 12 songs (successful were for example Why, Go Away and Concern).

Few years later, Jean-Sebastien left the band and Chuck was fired because of infinite fights with Pierre. After that, Reset recruited Adrian White, a drummer from Vancouver, as a replacement of Chuck. Pierre engaged in a bass, too.

They've recorded an album "No Limits". The album shows the evolution of the band. Pierre leaves Reset because of the differences between him and Adrien. None of the founders of Reset is not in it anymore. Pierre was replaced by David Desrosiers. Phil met David at a show and he liked him, so he tried him.

Charled Comeau (the previous drummer) met Pierre at a show and they've decided to form a new band. The band called Simple Plan. They called in also Sebastien Lefebvre, Jean-Francois (Jeff) Stinco and David Desrosiers. David left Reset to play with Simple Plan. Without informing Phill and Adrian, he left Reset, because he didn't like to lead them. He was replaced by Julian Blair.
So this is the story of Reset, former band of Simple Plan...

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